ITW Tropical Parrot kites


This inexpensive kite from Into The Wind is not only fun and easy to fly on its own, it also makes a great kite train.  Each one’s not huge, at 4ft (1.2m) wingspan, but each is very colourful and makes a big impact.  The well-made kites come already equipped with a linking line and attachment point, so it takes only seconds to join them together.  ITW recommend no more than five kites on one line, but I plan to experiment soon with seven, and I think they will be fine (I’ll update this when I’ve tested them.)  If you buy three or more kites, the price is discounted, so making a train is possible without spending too much.  If you want to see how to connect the kites, check out the video on ITW’s website or YouTube channel, where I showed how it’s done.   It’s probably the easiest kite train you could make, and flies very well.