Huge Smiley kite by Marcel Burri


This huge Smiley is the creation of Marcel Burri, in Switzerland.  With a diameter of 3m (10 feet) and length of 8m (26 feet,) it makes a huge impact in the sky, and brings lots of smiles from onlookers.  Marcel designed this a decade or so ago, and has made a number of variants also, which he and his family fly at many kite festivals around the world, calling themselves LongValley Kiteflyers.  Now the basic Smiley is being made by Peter Lynn Kites so that kite-fliers everywhere can enjoy this wonderful creation.  It’s hard to find any fault with it, as the kite is very well made and flies beautifully.  It seems to have a wide wind range, holding up in a very light breeze once it has enough air in it, and still flying steadily as the wind builds up.  It has a zipper to aid in deflating it after flying.  It needs no lifter kite, but does have an attachment at the top if you want to fly it as “line laundry.”  Of course, as a completely soft kite, it packs away very small and is light enough to carry anywhere.  Because of its size, it’s clearly not a toy for children, nor would the price make that practical!  it’s very much a kite for those who enjoy fun flying and like to put on a display to entertain others – which this will certainly do.  Highly recommended.  Contact Peter Lynn Kites if you are interested.  I hope that more of Marcel Burri’s designs will be made available, as they are very imaginative.