Canard Delta kite


Designed by Rainer Hoffmann, this is certainly a delta with a difference.   The canard design has been used in aircraft and in other kites, but never before in a delta like this.  The colour scheme suits it very well, and the kite, with a 295 cm (10 ft) wingspan, comes complete with a 9 m (30 ft) tube tail, as well as the two small wing-tip tails.  It’s made by HQ Kites, and construction is of a high standard.  The kite flies very well, with or without the tube tail, and makes a startling picture against a blue sky.  HQ seem to have underestimated the demand, since soon after its appearance they and many of their dealers had no stock left.  It’s worth seeking out, or waiting for, as it really is something a bit special, increasingly rare in these days of cut-backs by most kite companies.  My kite came from Picture Pretty Kites.