Big Clown Fish from Kaixuan Kite Factory


One of the best new items of kite line laundry is this Clown Fish designed by Andreas Fischbacher and made by Weifang Kaixuan Kite Factory.  At 4.5m (almost 15 feet) long, it’s big enough to make an impact anywhere.  It’s very well made, and good value for something of this quality.  It “flies” very well in a wide wind range, and can be lifted easily by a Power Sled 36, an UltraFoil 30, or similar kite.  The bridling is very simple, so won’t get tangled, and there’s a zipper for easy deflation.  Altogether, it’s an ideal item to add to a kite collection, and will add a lot of interest to any display.  Recommended!  Available from Weifang Kaixuan Kite Factory, or email [email protected] for excellent service.