Jim’s Kites

About me

Some people are content to fly one kite, or one type of kite.  I like to fly many kites, often at the same time (I use sand anchors on the beach to tether my kites.)

I also enjoy seeing and flying as many different styles and designs as possible.  I am always looking for something new and unusual, and preferably large, although I already have far too many kites. They are almost as irresistible as chocolate!

Although I am a fairly recent convert to kite-flying, and left it until quite late in life to start, I now own a large collection of single line kites, and a couple of two-line ones, and have accumulated many hours of flying experience.  I go out every day throughout the year when the weather is even halfway suitable.  

I live in Christchurch, New Zealand.  Although  the winters are cold and we have been badly affected by earthquakes since September 4, 2010 and particularly the deadly one on February22, 2011  (with big shocks continuing now into 2012), I have still managed to fly on average at least three times a week.  Most of my flying is done on the beach, which is the most convenient open space within a reasonable distance.  It also has the benefit, during the summer months, of fairly reliable on-shore winds.

Almost all of my many kites have been bought from America, as it is impossible to buy them here.  I have also bought a few from China and a couple from Singapore. Although I am no expert, I would like to pass on some thoughts and advice that may be of interest to other adults who are just starting out, or considering doing so, in the field of kite-flying, and so I created this web-site.  

I have made a page with reviews of kites and accessories, which I plan to add to as time permits. (Now up to three pages!)

There are also links to my YouTube videos on the review page and elsewhere, or you can see all of them at http://www.youtube.com/JimsKitesNZ

If you have any comments or questions, please email me at  jim@next.gen.nz  and I will do my best to reply.  But please remember that I am no expert!  

You can hover your mouse over most of the photos on this and other pages to see them at a larger size.

With the Morea, a large and beautiful kite.

With my Giant Fish, 22.5ft long.

With the Twin Tail Dragon, which is nearly 40 feet long.

With my Star 7, an interesting and beautiful cellular kite.