Jim’s Kites

New Brighton Kite Day

Christchurch New Zealand   January 28, 2012

This popular annual event was favoured by good weather this year, and thousands of people attended to fly their kites and see the displays of special kites by fliers from around New Zealand.  Craig Hansen came from Ashburton with a great selection of the big Peter Lynn kites, Perrin Melchior brought some fascinating box kites from Auckland, Tony Travaglia drove all the way from Oamaru to fly his magnificent 19ft delta and others, and Julie Adam and I represented the local fliers.  It was great to see so many children having fun flying and watching, and everyone seemed to have a great time.


See a short video at YouTube or         .

Photos above by me.  All photos below by Paul Nicholls  (hover mouse for larger view)

Large photos:  Left, my Giant Fish and five Smiley kites with Peter Lynn kites behind.  Top right, the many different Peter Lynn kites attracted lots of viewers.  Bottom right, my Seahorse line laundry and Julie’s arch of kites in the foreground, lots of colour in the background.

Small photos:   Top row, from left, huge Peter Lynn Bear being launched with a Cuttlefish in the air already:  my Flapping Bat and some deltas; a busy beach; a sailing ship that flies.  Middle row, from left, an intriguing cellular kite from Perrin Melchior;  the fantastic Space Racer, designed by Simon Chisnall for Peter Lynn Kites;  my Penguin.  Bottom row, from left,  view of the beach from New Brighton pier;  my 50ft Octopus with some interesting deltas, including Julie’s Robert Brasington design and Tony’s bright and beautiful 19ft Premier delta;  my 8ft Skippy dog line laundry, Smiley kite train and Giant Fish, plus more, and an interesting stack by Craig from Peter Lynn Kites, with Crab, Tigers, Heart, and to the left a Ray.  Hover your mouse over any of these photos for a bigger view.

                   Some of these kites and line laundry items are on my Kite Reviews pages with photos and video of each.